Industrial Engineering

Objective of IE Department

-To provide skillful and qualitative technicians need in manufacturing industry, control technology, factory automation and computer-aided design.

Program duration details

YearTheoryPracticalIndustrial Training
First Year40%60%1 month
Second Year 40% 60% 1 month
Third Year 40% 60% 3 months

No. Subject  First Semester Code Second Semester Code
1. Myanmar M-11011 M-12011
2. English E-11011 E-12011
3. Engineering Mathematics EM-11011 EM-12011
4. Engineering Science ES-11011 ES-12011
5. Engineering Mechanics ME-11015 ME-12015
6. Basic Technical Drawing ME-11011 ME-12011
7. Industrial Safety and Workshop Technology IE-11012 IE-12012
8. Principles of Electrical and Electronic Technology IE-11011 IE-12011
No. Subject  First Semester Code Second Semester Code
1. English E-21011 E-22011
2. Engineering Mathematics EM-21021 EM-22021
3. Computer Aided Design IE-21013 IE-22013
4. Control Engineering IE-21013 IE-22013
5. Theory of Machines ME-21015 ME-22015
6. Industrial Wiring and Installation and Motor Control IE-21011 IE-22011
7. Digital Electronics EcE-21022 EcE-22022
8. Industrial Field Trip    
No. Subject  First Semester Code Second Semester Code
1. English E-31011 E-32011
2. Operational Management IE-31018 IE-32018
3. Programmable Logic Controllers IE-31021 IE-32021
4. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) IE-31022 IE-32022
5. Industrial Automation    
6 Industrial Field Trip    

Job Opportunities

The students can get job opportunities to work at Manufacturing Industry, Automotive Industry, Heavy machinery Industry. They can also work in the field of Designing and Manufacturing industry, Project Management and Maintenance Engineering. There is a linkage between Institutes and Technological Universities for qualified students. They can also apply for TVET scholarship Programs from foreign countries every year.