Mechanical Engineering

Objective of Mechanical Engineering

-To support the industrial sectors with skillful and qualitative technicians.

-To provide skillful and qualitative technicians for supporting these sectors.

YearTheoryPracticalIndustrial Training
First Year40%60%1 month
Second Year


1 month
Third Year


3 months

AGTI Courses


Machine & Panel Tools & Equipments
Lathe Machine Anvil
Milling Machine Vice
Shaping Machine Scissors
Arc Welding Machine Plier
Drill Machine Steel Rule
Cutting Machine Vernier Caliper
Hand Cutting Machine Micrometer
Grinding Machine Measuring Tape, Scripter, Hammer, Wire Brush, Flat File, Hack Saw, Tab and Die, Inside / outside Clipper
  Machine & Panel     Tools & Equipments  
Lathe Machine Hammer
Milling Machine Nozzle Tester
Shaping Machine Ring Compressor
Drill Machine T handle Spanner
Cutting Machine Screw Driver
Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Plier
Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Ring Installer, Adjustable Wrench, Piston Ring Set, Feller Gauge
                                 Machine & Panel     Tools & Equipments  
Four Cylinder Diesel Engine Ring Spanner
Four Cylinder Petrol Engine Box Spanner
Chassis Trainer Plug Spaner
Chassis Frame Nozzle Tester
Steering System Ring Compressor
Automotive Electrical System Panel T handel  Spanner
Split and Window Type Air Conditioner Valve Compressor
Vacuum Pump Feller Gauge
DC Drill machine Pressure Gauge
CNC lathe machine Clamp meter
CNC Milling machine Refrigerant Gas
Pneumatic Training Panel Flaring tool set
Hydraulic Training Panel Tube Cutter

Practical Records by students

Job Opportunities

The students can get job opportunities for designing and manufacturing various machines used in industrial sectors such as Manufacturing Industry, Automotive Industry, Heavy Machinery Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Agricultural Machinery. There is a linkage between institutes and Technological Universities for qualified students. The can also apply for TVET scholarship Programs from foreign countries.